Early Bird

2013 – 2014,  63 Bronze Birds with Various Patinas

Tysons Corner Center Plaza, Tysons Corner, VA


Early Bird was created for newly constructed Plaza at Tysons Corner, VA. The artwork commission consists of 63 individual bronze sculptures of indigenous bird species, Cardinal, Robin, Mourning Dove, Crow, and Red Tailed Hawk, orchestrated into a unified, multi-dimensional work that has appeal as a direct experience and as playful allegory.  The work is intended to provide an experience to the spectrum of visitors who arrive, depart and return to the Plaza that is familiar, engaging, and participatory.

During our research for this project we discovered “Early Bird” was the nickname for Intelsat-1, the first geosynchronous communications satellite, placed in orbit on April 6, 1965 by Intelsat.  We were intrigued by the relationship of flight, interaction and ingenuity implied by “Early Bird” and how that resonated with our vision of the presence of the birds on the plaza.