April – July 25 2015,  1700 L St. NW Washington DC,

8′ h x 12′ l x 8′ w . plywood + 3′ x 3′ blue square

Inspired and modeled after Early Bird, the first geosynchronous satellite launched into orbit in 1965.  Sculpture was built in a vacant downtown storefront and coincided with collaborative event programing that ranged from weekly Lunch sessions to readings, performance, video events, and waffle breakfast.

Workingman Collective would like to thank the creative contributions of  Chris Mason and Marshall Reese, Tom Mandel, Casey Smith, REVOLVE, Colby CaldwellBlk w/Bear, Bernard Welt, Sean Watkins, Sue Wrbican, Marc Ganzglass, James Huckenpahler, Kate Plourde, Justin Plakas, Anne Smith.  Thank you to our gallery Hemphill Fine Arts and the Lenkin Company for their support.

Press: International Sculpture Center  ;  Washington Post

4.Satellite Night




Satellite Sketch 2