“We start with a handshake.”

Workingman Collective is a group of art and design practitioners and other professionals based in Washington, D.C. and North Carolina.  While membership, goals and missions change with each project, the core members are Tom Ashcraft, Ben Ashworth, Janis Goodman, Morgan Kennedy, and Peter Winant. An interest in process, invention, chance, and the public guides their aesthetic approach and site research. Typically participation alters the process, producing new information that is integrated into the art experience. Ultimately, their projects seek to generate environmental awareness, stimulate the re-identification of a population with its hometown history, and urge participants into strengthening relationships with their neighbors.

Since its founding in 2005, Workingman Collective has exhibited work and created projects in the U.S., Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean.

IMG_1677  PINE  Shake_2  Rosa + Mesopotaimia  IMG_1956   Ping-Pong ball 

We are interested in process, invention, chance, cooperation, and the public.

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