“We start with a handshake.” 

Workingman Collective is a collaborative group of artists and other professionals whose membership, goals and missions change with each project. They are interested in process, invention, chance, and the public.

Workingman Collective was founded in 2005 by Tom Ashcraft, Peter Winant, and Janis Goodman, and were soon joined by Ben Ashworth and Georgia Deal.  The members conduct significant individual studio practices that involve a broad range of traditional materials and fabrication techniques and they draw upon their diverse conceptual exploration and communication through form as an intrinsic foundation of their collaborative practice.  Peter and Tom have also been committed to the ethic of collaborative art practice for 30 years through their work with Jersey Devil Design/Build Architecture, Art Attack,  Floating Lab Collective, and Finding a Line.

Workingman Collective has exhibited work and created projects in the U.S., Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean.

IMG_1677  PINE  Shake_2  Rosa + Mesopotaimia  IMG_1956   Ping-Pong ball 

Tom Ashcraft and Workingman Collective are represented by:

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