Cooler Shake

Washington DC, 2013

The handshake is a greeting, a consent, an affirmation, an agreement.It is an intersection where a momentary union signifies a mutual promise.

This project  cooler+shake+dupont addressed the curious and important intersections of inventory,information, small talk, chance, social contract and the signs of basic civility.

Workingman Collective transformed a four-drawer oak filing cabinet into a portable water cooler/movie theater and transported the object/set-up to different locations in the city in order to collect and inventory a working-day’s worth of handshakes. The completed Cooler-Shake offered a series of 8-hour video loops of handshakes between the members of Workingman Collective and the public.

More Images + video

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 9.59.56 PM

Duke Ellington School of Visual and Performing Arts, DC







Workingman Collective Handshake Tour:

Tuesday, May 14:
10:00am–12:15pm, Dupont Circle Fountain
12:45pm–3:15pm, Gallery Place Metro entrance at 7th & H St., NW/Southeast Corner

Tuesday, May 21:
11:30am – 1:30, Duke Ellington School of Art, DC
10:00am–12:15pm, Eastern Market
12:45pm–3:15pm, Garfield Park (bridge spot)

Wednesday, May 29:
10:00am–12:15pm, Malcolm X Park
12:45pm–3:15pm, National Zoo, Connecticut Avenue Entrance

Saturday, June 15: Gallery Event
12:00pm–2:00pm, Water tasting and handshake social at HEMPHILL
2:00pm–4:00pm, Corner of 14th St and P St. NW

Wednesday, June 19:
10:00am–12:15pm, AFL-CIO building, 815 16th St NW
12:45pm–3:15pm, Pleasant Plains

Sunday, July 21:
11:30am–1:30pm, Washington Nationals Ballpark
2:00pm–4:00pm, The ARCH Development Corporation, Anacostia

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